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Investing in Tomorrow's Housing

"A worthwhile investment in America's new generation of housing... where a neighborhood is created, the beauty of the environment is preserved, and the homeowner is provided with energy efficient housing."---Kenneth Bacon, senior vice president of Fannie Mae

Providing Homeowners Assistance

Savy lenders recognize energy efficiency as a key factor in measuring value. Offer Energy Efficient Mortgages (EEMs) or financial incentives to qualified homeowners.

They Can Afford It

Your customers want to afford a high-performance home. Prove to them that they can with PATH's Affordability Calculator.

Help Design Quality and Affordability

Homebuyers don't want to sacrifice quality for affordability. Supply them with Affordable Housing Design Advisor, a set of resources created to increase the quality and value of affordably priced homes.

Finance Homes in the Danger Zone?

They don't want to move and they shouldn't have to. Give your customers PATH's tips for building homes that can withstand natural disasters.

After the Disaster

Show homeowners how PATH-profiled technologies can accelerate rebuilding efforts, while increasing the value of a home and preventing future devastations.

A happy couple securing a loan with a financial provider.

Better Remodeling

Having a hard time explaining numbers and value on paper? Visit the Energy Efficient Rehab Advisor to show your clients how their homes can be remodeled to be more energy efficient.

Tech Practices

See how other financial service providers helped builders and remodelers combine proven technologies with their construction practices.

PATH Publications

Read up on the latest information regarding disaster resistance, durability, and health and home safety.

PATH Issues

Show the benefits from improving the affordability, disaster resistance, durability, health, energy-efficiency and quality of homes.

Content updated on 4/27/2007

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