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Design Professionals

"Through our research and through our engineering...

...we have found that there are ways -- affordable and available ways -- to build a home that can better resist natural disasters, whether it be a wildfire or a hurricane."
-- Kevin Barger, Spokesman, Institute for Business and Home Safety

Engineers, architects, building code officials, preservationists, educators and trainers can all advocate the use of state-of-the-art design and construction techniques. For example, an architect's choice to install HVAC ducts within conditioned space, or an educator's shared knowledge of the whole house system takes the homebuilding industry one step closer to the acceptance of new building technologies.

When you Aren't Starting From Scratch

Understand what you've got before start.
Download the Rehab Inspection Guide.

What's Possible

Make sure your designs stand out.
PATH's Tech Inventory profiles the latest products for your next project and Tech Sets put it all together.

Leadership By Design

How can design professionals impact innovation in homebuilding? How can they lead the green building movement? Learn what PATH is doing right now to examine the role of architectural design.

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The Future is Flexible

See how PATH's Concept Home initiative is moving from design to execution.

Directions in Design

Make it durable. Make it affordable. Make it green. Intelligent design never mattered more.

Research and Development

From technology scanning and university research to technology development and market research, PATH offers deep resources for the industry. Browse our publications.

We're Looking For a Few Good Stories

Do you have a great project story about a PATH-profiled technology? Please get in touch!

PATH Issues

Benefit from improving the affordability, disaster resistance, durability, health, energy-efficiency and quality of your homes.

Content updated on 11/21/2007

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