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Fall 2003

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From the PATH Press

Whole-House and Building Process Redesign, June 2003
This roadmap was developed to strategically overcome the slow adoption of new technologies into homebuilding, and the lack of systems science and engineering standards in the manufacturing of products and the construction of houses. These issues are long-standing problems in the residential construction industry.

The roadmap details strategies to overcome chronic barriers and outlines the benefits of taking proactive steps. The recommendations of this roadmap have the potential to make home construction more affordable, higher quality, customizable, and receptive to new innovations.

Technology Roadmap for Manufactured Housing, March 2003
This document provides a roadmap for a research program that will generate the knowledge and innovations necessary to accomplish two objectives considered crucial to the future of the manufactured housing industry: continually improving the industry's core product, the single-family home; and expanding the benefits of manufactured housing to other housing types.

It is also intended to serve as a framework for cooperative research between the private and public sectors. The Roadmap contains five broad topic areas-the Home, the Factory, the Site, the Market, and the Consumer-each with a set of key challenges. For each challenge, the Roadmap lays out a vision and potential research and development focus areas.

Content updated on 8/2/2004

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