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Home Builders' Guide to Manufactured Housing

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May 2000, 79 pages

Most new homes in the United States are site-built to State and local codes, but an increasing number are "manufactured homes," designed and constructed to meet the requirements of the pre-emptive Federal Manufactured Home Construction and Safety Standards. For decades, manufactured housing has provided a low-cost alternative to conventional site-built construction. Evolution of the manufactured home is eliminating many of the differences with site-built homes, and changes in zoning laws are allowing use of manufactured homes outside of land zoned for parks in a growing number of States.

These developments are lending some homebuilders to consider using manufactured housing for entry-level product, often with significant site-built improvements or enhancements, instead of site-built homes. The result can be substantially lower production cost or other economic advantages for the builder and the consumer.

This Guidebook provides conventional builders and land developers with an introduction to manufactured housing, focusing on differences between manufactured and conventional homes that are likely to be encountered in practice. Chapters of the Guidebook describe various options for using these homes. The Guidebook covers finding a manufacturer, developing product specifications, potential contractual arrangements, local zoning and land-use planning considerations, installation and foundation options, site-built improvements, regulatory issues and consumer financing. Many references too more detailed resources are also included. Users of the Guidebook will find a wealth of information to assist in their business planning and support decisions about whether and how to make use of manufactured housing as part of a larger home building business.

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Content updated on 12/10/2003

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