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Experimental Assessment of Site-Integrated Planning and Information Technologies in Residential Construction

North Carolina State University

* Leonhard E. Bernold, Principal Investigator (current)
* Steven J. Lorenc, Principal Investigator (former)

Start: July 15, 2000
Expires: December 31, 2002


The proposed research will evaluate the effect of a new method of tracking construction waste in order to improve the reuse at residential construction sites. Additionally, we will measure the effects of improved sites through managed site layouts. The organization of the worksite will also provide a more "ergonomically correct" material delivery and transportation paths which should lead to fewer injuries including the reduction of back injuries.

Current practices will be analyzed and methods for improvement will be noted and tested. Specifically, it is proposed to develop a Site-Integrated-Planning concept that takes into account all levels of residential construction. Such a plan will address critical goals of construction such as finding ways to reduce waste, improve safety/ergonomics of a residential building site, and reduced delay time in the inspection process.

New models will be provided to aid in the development of more precise and better management tools to improve productivity as well as the safety at a construction site. Additionally, by applying a wide variety of critical information technologies, the researchers will assess the effects improvements in communication can have on residential construction.

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Content updated on 9/21/2005

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