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Fragility Methodology for Performance-Based Engineering of Light-Frame Residential Construction

Clemson University

* David V. Rosowsky, Principal Investigator

Start: September 1, 2000
Expires: May 31, 2002


The aftermath of natural disasters during the past decade, rapid evolution of design and construction methods, heightened expectations by the public and scrutiny of perceived and actual deficiencies in codes and code enforcement have made it clear that an improved basis for designing new residential structures and assessing the condition of the existing housing building stock is required.

Among the high-priority areas identified at a recent workshop on wood engineering research needs were: behavior and performance of wood structural systems; criteria for performance assessment; and methods for condition assessment of damaged systems following natural disasters. The development of system reliability analysis tools is essential to meet these needs. A fragility model of building system is an essential ingredient of a system reliability analysis.

The goal of the proposed research is to provide a general methodology for assessing probable response of light-frame residential construction exposed to various levels of natural and man-made hazards. This methodology will support enhancements in durability and reduction in maintenance costs, facilitate reductions in risk of death, injury and property damage from extreme natural hazards, and provide a technical basis for the new paradigm of performance-based engineering of residential construction.

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Content updated on 3/18/2004

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