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The Durability Doctor

A Tool for Durable Homes

Durability is an important factor to consider when making decisions about your house. So is cost. By choosing building materials with the most cost-effective level of durability, you can save in maintenance and replacement costs over the life of your home.

The Durability Doctor will assist as you evaluate housing material options. It is designed to help homeowners choose the right amount of durability for their homes. By examining factors such as the structure, location, materials, and age of a house, the Doctor can help you choose the types of materials you'd want for your roofing, siding, windows and garage doors; materials that will help you maintain your home at the lowest cost.

There are three simple steps: 1) Define your home, 2) View the associated costs and expected lifetimes of the materials you've chosen, and then 3) Compare those costs and durability to the costs and durability of other materials that are available.

Visit the Durability Doctor.

Content updated on 7/18/2007

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