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Spring 2003

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PATH Quarterly

Spring 2003

From the PATH Press

New Rand Report Addresses Housing Innovation

RAND has recently released "Building Better Homes: Government Strategies for Promoting Innovation in Housing," a report prepared in response to a request from PATH. In development since late 2001, the report examines the structure, characteristics, and motivations of major participants in the housing industry to explore how innovation might be accelerated. It identifies options and strategies for the federal government to consider as it attempts to further advance innovation in housing to make homes more affordable, durable, and safe. Innovation in housing would provide benefits to a broad range of participants, including homebuilders, manufacturers, insurers, regulators, and homeowners.

More information on the report

Download the complete report

Alternatives for Minimizing Moisture Problems in Homes Located in Hot, Humid Climates: Interim Report

This document reports on the findings of a research effort conducted in the Gulf Coast area. An effort was undertaken to examine manufactured homes in the region, gather information on condensation-related moisture problems in those homes, and determine the contributing factors to those problems. Building scientists gathered data from 70 homes with and without moisture problems. A thorough literature review, examination of the data, and neural network analysis of the data were used to evaluate and prioritize the significance of 12 potential contributors to moisture problems, in terms of their impact in causing such problems.

Read the report

Content updated on 7/10/2003

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