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Manufactured Housing Production Process Analysis and Facility Layout

Purdue University

* Makarand Hastak, Principal Investigator
* Madan G. Syal, Co-Principal Investigator

Start: September 15, 2002
Expires: August 31, 2005


The overall goal of the proposed research, jointly proposed by Purdue University and Michigan State University, is to improve the production process planning and facility layout design through a "Whole House and Building Process Redesign" approach. The main objectives in support of the stated goal include:

  • Developing an optimal production process model for manufactured housing that would resolve the production bottlenecks identified through previous NSF-PATH research;
  • Developing innovative design alternatives for factory layout; simulating the facility layout alternatives based on the optimal process model to identify the optimal facility layout(s); and
  • Investigating radical and innovative changes in the production system and the house design itself that would integrate advanced technology and innovative design into the production system and identify progressive avenues for future research and advancements.

The research results will be developed as a continuing education program for the industry and will be disseminated in conjunction with industry partners. The proposed research has a direct focus on the 3rd milestone identified by the PATH technology roadmap "Whole House and Building Process Redesign". Furthermore, if the broader definition of the proposed research is taken into account then it will also substantially affect the 1st milestone, i.e., application of information technology in housing. This research would have a significant impact on both criteria 1 and 2 through integration of research and education (criterion-1) and in integrating diversity into the research process (criterion-2).

Project Status

Progress Chart [PDF file]

Journal Papers

Senghore, O., M. Hastak, T.S. Abdelhamid, A. AbuHammad, and M.G.Syal.(2003). " Manufactured Housing Production Process" Paper submitted to the ASCE Journal of Construction Engineering and Management.

Mehrotra, N., M.G. Syal, and M. Hastak.(2003). " Manufactured Housing Trends and Codes in Michigan" Paper submitted to the Journal of the American Institute of Constructors, AIC, St. Petersburg, FL.

Abu Hammad, Ayman, Makarand Hastak, and Matt Syal. (2003). "Comparative Study of Manufactured Housing Production Systems." Paper submitted to the ASCE Journal of Architectural Engineering.

Edgar M Barriga, Jae G Jeong, Makarand Hastak and Matt G Syal. (2003) " Material Supply Chain Management System for the Manufactured Housing Industry" Paper submitted to the ASCE Journal of Management in Engineering.

Edgar M Barriga, Jae G Jeong, Makarnad Hastak and Mat G Syal. (2003) " Material Requirement Planning Support System for the Manufactured Housing Industry" Paper submitted to the ASCE Journal of Management in Engineering.

Mehrotra, N; Syal, M; Hastak, M. (2003) " Manufactured Housing Production Process and Layout Design" Paper submitted to the AISC -- Journal of Architecture Engineering

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Content updated on 9/2/2004

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