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January 27, 2003


NextGen Demonstration Home Event Draws Crowd for Energy Efficient and Advanced Building Technologies

The Partnership for Advancing Technology in Housing (PATH) presented awards to several key partners in the NextGen Demonstration Home during a breakfast event at the Las Vegas show home last Thursday. The awards recognized the roles of pivotal players in the demonstration home, which drew 8,400 visitors between January 9 and 24.

At the PATH-hosted "Breakfast of Innovators" for industry professionals and media at the NextGen Home, Dave Engel, director of HUD's Affordable Housing Research and Technology Division, presented certificates of appreciation to Nevada Power, a title sponsor of the NextGen Home and a driver of area conservation programs; Hilltop Development, the builder responsible for the house's successful completion;, the Internet broadcasting firm that produced the home; and Leviton and Reemay, corporate sponsors of PATH's presence at the NextGen Home.

"The real significance of the NextGen Home," noted Engel, "is the spirit of innovation that drove its development. It's a mind-set the whole industry must adopt, to shape the future of American homebuilding."

Constructed in the parking lot of the Stardust Hotel and Casino, the 3,100 square-foot residence showcased the latest building science for energy efficiency and connectivity, and was open to the housing industry, the press, and the public concurrently with the Consumer Electronics Show and the International Builders Show.

The breakfast event served to highlight the many PATH-profiled technologies in the home. These innovations range from structured wiring, new generation OSB subflooring, and radiant barriers to housewrap, structural insulated panels, HVAC "smart" zoning controls, and solar panels. Visitors used a kiosk system, audio guides and a PATH map to learn about the advanced technologies showcased in the home.

"As the NextGen Home shows us, many promising technologies are within reach today," said Engel. "Working together, PATH's public and private partners can make them a prominent part of the landscape of American homebuilding."

PATH and NextGen: Compatibility in Innovation

PATH, a public-private partnership that works to improve America's housing by speeding the creation and use of advanced technologies, sponsored the NextGen Home project for its compatibility with key PATH goals. The NextGen Home incorporates cutting-edge technologies that save builders time and money, while offering the homebuyer a wide range of benefits, from durability, energy efficiency, and low maintenance to twenty-first century connectivity. The structural design minimizes energy demand, and advanced controls and monitors optimize energy use, which makes the NextGen Home a model for energy efficiency.

Technologies profiled by PATH are selected for their strengths in one or more of the following areas: quality and durability; energy efficiency; environmental performance; safety and disaster mitigation; and affordability.

About PATH:

PATH ( is a public-private partnership of leading-edge homebuilders, manufacturers, researchers, professional groups, and Federal agencies concerned with housing. By working together, PATH partners improve the quality and affordability of today's new and existing homes, strengthen the technology infrastructure of the United States, and help create the next generation of American housing. PATH is administered by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Television personality Michael Holigan of "Your New House," Paul Barnett of, and Paul Trudeau of Hilltop Development look on as HUD's Dave Engel addresses crowd at a Sneak Preview press event at the NextGen Demonstration Home on January 20, 2003.

PATH's NextGen partners receive awards. From left: Jack Merrow, Leviton; Dave Engel, HUD; Paul Trudeau, Hilltop Development; Paul Barnett,, and Bob Balzar, Nevada Power.

Located in the parking lot of the Stardust Hotel, the NextGen Home drew more than 8,000 visitors over a two-week period.

Content updated on 3/8/2005

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