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December 4, 2007

PATH Concept Home Charleston Design Moves Forward

The latest sketch of a possible design for the PATH Concept Home Charleston Architects, builders, engineers, interior designers and
landscape architects gather for integrated design review.

The Concept Home team moved a step closer to creating PATH Concept Home Charleston on December 4 when architects, builders, engineers, interior designers and landscape architects took part in an integrated design review session.

America's second PATH Concept Home features a design which does an excellent job of showing how the home can grow with the family. The home's service core consolidates mechanicals and plumbing areas in an efficient fashion, while simultaneously creating open areas in other sections of the plan that serve as the living spaces.  This approach to design essentially creates a library of components in modular dimensions -- like the service core and a bedroom wing -- that can be reconfigured in many different ways to create flexibility through a standardized approach.

PATH gathered architects, builders, engineers, interior designers and landscape architects for an integrated design review session.The technology features of Concept Home Charleston will flow from what works best for the design and the location.  Accordingly, the project team is now in the midst of developing technical specifications and selecting building systems. Key issues impacting these decisions included the foundation approach in a hot/humid climate and the integration of photovoltaic panels with a metal roof system.

The PATH Concept Home Charleston design will continue to be refined and polished over the next few months to arrive at the final plan. The Concept Home Charleston design plans will be released at the 2008 International Builders' Show in Orlando.

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