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December 7, 2007

PATH Partner Named "Best of the Best" by Professional Remodeler

Absolute Remodeling recognized for South Salem, N.Y. remodeling project

PATH Partner Absolute Remodeling was named winner of the 2007 "Best of the Best" Design Award by Professional Remodeler magazine.

Absolute Remodeling was honored for its whole-house renovation in South Salem, N.Y. Reconstructed on the octagonal foundation of a home originally built in 1983, the 3,750-square-foot lakeside home was deemed as functional and environmentally friendly with an innovative and attractive design.

Absolute Remodeling president Sylvain Côté, who owns the house, said the project's goal was to demonstrate green building in his market.

As such, engineered materials were used on the home's exterior to provide better durability and make it easier to maintain, while the interior used raw and reclaimed materials, including wood, wrought iron and stone. The home's other energy-saving features include radiant heating; ENERGY STAR-qualified appliances; light-emitting diodes (LED), compact fluorescent lights (CFL) and halogen lighting; and two heat recovery ventilators.

"From a marketing standpoint, I recognized that this is the perfect time for a project with this focus in my area. But the reality is that it goes much deeper than marketing. Green building is not a trend. It is here to stay," Côté told Professional Remodeler.

The "Best of the Best" Design Award follows a Merit Award for Green Remodeling by Remodeling Online.

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