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Applying Lean to Factory Homebuilding, July 2007
Lean production is an approach to manufacturing that strives to eliminate all kinds of waste. Lean processes are relatively new to the factory built housing industry, but have long been used in other industries to improve quality and reduce the cost of production. This report focuses on the experiences of nine manufactured and modular home production plants that were trained in the implementation of lean production methods to their manufacturing facilities.

Articles [IMAGE: Crestco, a construction waste recycling company, ground the excess wood and drywall from this remodeled home and used it in the landscaping.]

Pumping Up Business with Geothemal
Ohio Builder, September/October 2007
Although the initial cost of geothermal heat pump systems is easily double the cost of conventional central HVAC systems, the advantage is in the efficiency and the resulting lower monthly energy bills.

Code Change Lowers Hurdles for SIPs, Green Building
Professional Builder , September 2007
Structural insulated panels (SIPs) have always been easy to assemble into strong, energy-efficient walls. Now, planning and permitting are streamlined, too. The International Code Council recently voted to adopt SIPs into the International Residential Code (IRC).

Find Your Shade of Green
Professional Remodeler, September 2007
In a market as competitive as housing, popular green trends can be quickly redefined to serve all sorts of interests. Without a standard definition, it's hard to know exactly what constitutes green. Can a remodeler who installs energy-efficient windows, for example, call himself green?

The PATH Concept Home Omaha
Omaha Builder, August 2007
Thanks to the flexibility built into the interior walls, rooms in the Concept Home can shrink or grow to match the client's needs. So a "starter home" can expand to become a dream home--or accommodate reduced mobility and other special needs.

FPSFs Can Become a Homebuilder's Best Friend
Professional Builder, August 2007
When home builders refer to comfort, they often mean a good HVAC system or a well-sealed building envelope--a foundation system likely doesn't come to mind. But a good foundation system is integral to a comfortable end product, and frost-protected shallow foundations can get you there.

Shedding Light on Your Remodel
Professional Remodeler, August 2007
Picture your clients in a home improvement store trying to buy light bulbs. Many people -- remodelers and homeowners alike -- feel guilty reaching for the incandescents -- in different shapes, sizes, outputs and color -- which sit next to shelves of CFLs. CFLs are more efficient, but which do people likely choose?

The Great Indoors
Sustainable Home, August 1, 2007
Healthy indoor air in a home can make a real difference in the quality and comfort of living. The simplest ways to ensure clean indoor air are to keep pollutants out of your home, control moisture and ensure proper ventilation. Good building practices are the best way to start.

That's a Wrap! House Details Builders Often Miss
Builder/Architect (Baltimore and Twin Cities Editions), July 2007
Think of housewrap as the hull of a boat. If it has holes, the boat is going to leak. Lots of little holes (like those we see in most construction) cause big problems. If housewrap is torn or isn't properly sealed, builders and homeowners could be facing mold, mildew, rotting window jams, drafts and high energy bills down the road.

Lean Factories Cut Costs, Boost Production
Automated Builder, July 2007
The Factory Building Symposium on Lean Production attracted some of the biggest names in the industry. These companies have been working with HUD's Partnership for Advancing Technology in Housing (PATH) and the Manufactured Housing Research Alliance (MHRA) to incorporate lean production methods into their home building factories.

Raleigh Developer Builds Sustainable Home in a Traditional Style
North Carolina Builder, July 2007
Green may not be mainstream yet, but it's coming. At least, if Cherokee Investment Partners has anything to say about it. But how green is it?

Improve IAQ While You Remodel
Professional Remodeler, July 2007.
Of the countless approaches one can take toward a successful green remodeling project, those related to indoor air quality (IAQ) are among the most prominent. Yet the issue itself is one of the least visible. The air we breathe is a hot topic, but one usually examined in terms of improving our clients' lives once the remodel is done. But we can concentrate on how to improve IAQ during the remodeling project, too.

Building a Storm-Resistant Home
Professional Builder, July 2007
How do you make your home buyers feel safe? For some customers, it might mean a good neighborhood or fire-retardant materials and smoke detectors. However, safety means something much different if you build in a region prone to hurricanes or tornadoes.

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