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PATH Remodeling Top 10

Remodelers, here's help for your next rehab project. PATH has scanned the industry for the technologies with the most promise for making our existing homes more durable, stronger and more resource efficient.

Selected technologies have notable strengths in one or more of the following areas: quality and durability; energy efficiency; environmental performance; safety and disaster mitigation; and affordability.

Tublar Skylights Recycled/Renewable Flooring Solar Hot Water Wireless Lighting, Thermastats, and Other Controls High Performance Windows/Storm Windows High Performance Windows/Storm Windows Compact Fluorescent Lighting High Efficiency Toilets HVAC Sizing - Right-sized HVAC Smartvent Ventilation/Ventilation Control System Air Sealing [IMAGE: ]

PATH Top 10

1. Air Sealing

2. Smartvent Ventilation/ Ventilation Control System

3. HVAC Sizing - Right-sized HVAC

4. High Efficiency Toilets

5. Compact Fluorescent Lighting

6. High Performance Windows/Storm Windows

7. Wireless Lighting, Thermostats, and Other Controls

8. Solar Hot Water

9. Recycled/ Renewable Flooring

10. Tubular Skylights

Content updated on 10/11/2007

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