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Affordably Green

Hybrid cars and organic foods often cost more, so green building projects must be more expensive than conventional construction, right? Not necessarily.

Some green building options do cost more upfront, but save money over time through reduced heating, cooling, water and maintenance costs. And some green building options just cost less right from the beginning.

Save Now

If you want the "just costs less right now" option, start with recycled materials and Resource-Efficient Design and Construction practices. Save now.

Save Later

Many green building products and services cost more than the conventional alternative--but only if you don't look past the purchase price. Homeowners can recoup that cost and more from green practices that lower operating costs. Builders have tax incentives for their homes to meet certain energy efficiency standards--and distinguish themselves from the vast number of conventional builders that don't speak green. Tax credits are available to homebuyers, too. Save later.

Content updated on 12/31/2007

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