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Easy Maintenance

Durable, flexible components make life easy.

Plumbing's sprung a leak. You bruised your hand and made matters worse wrestling the rusty shut-off valve in the basement. You've also been on the phone for an hour trying to find a plumber to bail you out of this mess.

What if you could just flip a switch and stop the leak without disrupting your household?

In the PATH Concept Home, you can. The home is designed with a PEX plumbing manifold, which acts like a circuit breaker for your pipes: if you're fixing a leak or doing a remodel, you can stop the flow to any one fixture without having to stop them all.

The PATH Concept Home is designed with technologies like these for easy maintenance and repair, so when things go wrong, it's easy to make them right.

Easy maintenance is also a function of durability: the longer components last, the less frequently you'll have to repair or replace them. Look to these Concept Home technologies to stand up to the test of time, or ease repair when it's needed.

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Walls and Floors




Building a new home?

Here are the blueprints for the PATH Concept Home, yours free for the downloading. Bring them to your builder; share them with your friends.


If you're remodeling and just want some new ideas, visit our components page for a complete list of Concept Home technologies.

Content updated on 4/26/2007

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