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Concept Home

All this and savings, too!

Building a durable, efficient home--for less

Most of the stunning, eco-friendly homes you see in magazines are out of reach for mainstream America. But not the Concept Home.

PATH has a bold vision for the future of housing in America. We believe that housing should be sustainable, durable, flexible--and above all, affordable. That's why so many Concept Home technologies are highly durable, are water- or energy-efficient, and speed the time it takes to build a home.

While some of those technologies have a higher price tag, the long-term maintenance and day-to-day operational costs of the home will be significantly lower. Durability and/or efficiency mark these Concept Home technologies:

Building a new home?

Here are the blueprints for the PATH Concept Home, yours free. Bring them to your builder; share them with your friends.


If you're remodeling and just want some new ideas, visit our components page for a complete list of Concept Home technologies.

house and money.bmp

Some Concept Home technologies can also significantly speed construction while improving the quality of the home. A house that requires less labor and fewer materials to build should cost less (although speed, and savings, can depend on your builder's familiarity with the system):

Content updated on 4/26/2007

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