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One small footprint for man;
one giant leap for mankind

A home with a smaller environmental impact

Building the standard home is often a wasteful process, and most homes use an enormous amount of water and energy once they're built. The PATH Concept Home creates less waste during construction, consumes fewer resources over the lifetime of the home, and is healthier to live in.

Cut waste

The average construction job site disposes of more than 8,000 pounds of material, much of it wood. In the Concept Home, advanced framing techniques ensure that builders use the precise amount of wood needed, and no more. Panelized walls and roof trusses, and insulating concrete forms are prefabricated to fit together precisely, eliminating guesswork on site.

Building a new home?

Here are the blueprints for the PATH Concept Home, yours free. Bring them to your builder; share them with your friends.


If you're remodeling and just want some new ideas, visit our components page for a complete list of Concept Home technologies.

[IMAGE: Low- or no- VOC paints release no, or minimal, VOC pollutants and are virtually odor free.] Be efficient

Other technologies in the Concept Home can significantly reduce your water and energy use once the home is built, reducing the day-to-day cost of operating your home and your contribution to air and water pollution.

Breathe free

The materials we build with can also have a profound affect on the air we breathe. Formaldehyde in cabinets, volatile organic compounds in paint and mold in drywall are just a few examples. The PATH Concept Home features products that emit fewer chemicals, resist mold, and ventilate indoor air to keep it cleaner.

There's a wide range of technologies to choose from, from low-tech to high-tech, inexpensive to pricey. Even if you choose just one, it will help reduce your impact on the Earth.

Look for these Concept Home Technologies to:

Reduce Construction Waste

Reduce Energy Use

Reduce Water Use

Improve Indoor Air Quality

Content updated on 4/26/2007

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