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March 1, 2007

PATH-Sponsored National Homebuilder Mainstream GreenHome Nears Completion

Innovative project finds place in Raleigh, N.C. suburbs

The GreenHome is designed to showcase the appeal of green building to the average American homebuyer. The roof is on and the end is in sight in the development of the National Homebuilder Mainstream GreenHome™, a PATH-sponsored environmentally friendly demonstration home. The GreenHome is designed to look and feel like a traditional home while using less energy, conserving more water, and providing a healthier living environment. Building green can take place anywhere. The Mainstream GreenHome is being built in a conventional, established neighborhood in Raleigh, North Carolina.

The GreenHome is designed to showcase the appeal of green building to the average American homebuyer in two ways: first, by showing that living green improves our quality of life in a number of ways, and then by demonstrating the new products and technological innovations that are making sustainable living more attractive and feasible than ever before.

Among the PATH-profiled technologies and practices in the GreenHome are: spray and rigid foam insulation, advanced framing, reflective roofing, ground source heat pump, energy recovery ventilator, solar thermal hot water, radiant flooring, photovoltaics, ENERGY STAR lighting, recycled content construction, engineered wood, in-home recycling, and more.

Additional considerations in the GreenHome project include appropriate site selection, footprint minimization, sustainable material use, energy efficiency, renewable energy, water efficiency, water quality and indoor air quality. The GreenHome uses a range of strategies, products and technological innovations and considers each of these five green building categories in an integrated and whole systems-oriented design to minimize impact on the environment without sacrificing comfort.

The home, developed by Cherokee Partners is expected to be completed in September.

For More Information:
Scott Shepherd
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Content updated on 4/13/2007

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