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AEC Software

[IMAGE: FastTrack Schedule 9]

Whether you need to schedule a day's worth of activities or plan multi-year projects, FastTrack Schedule 9 makes it easy to organize, track, and manage all your project details. Their schedule-building tools help you plan more efficiently, keeping your projects on track and within budget. FastTrack Schedule 9 exchanges data with spreadsheets, databases, and other project management programs. FastTrack improved construction efficiency by enabling Concept Home's suppliers to stay current on the construction sequence and deliver their products at the exact time.

Alside® Charter

[IMAGE: Oak Energy Elite Logo]

The Charter Oak Energy Elite siding with the Fullback Thermal Support System, from Progressive Foam Technologies, adds insulation and protection against impact and extreme weather. It makes the panels more rigid and creates a quieter, more comfortable home. This siding system can reduce energy bills by as much as 20 percent and provides up to five times the impact resistance of conventional vinyl siding. When installed, Charter Oak Energy Elite can help meet the Energy Star® performance guidelines for new homes. The Autumn Red color chosen for this home features BASF's Luran S ASA polymers, providing fade resistance.


[IMAGE: AmeraDeck logo]

The Concept Home's back deck uses AmeraDeck's composite vinyl decking made from PVC and reclaimed natural fiber. Their unique formula produces an authentic natural wood look and performance that every homeowner will appreciate. AmeraDeck has reduced expansion and contraction and is scuff and stain resistant as well as Class A fire-rated. AmeraDeck reclaims any scrap in its manufacturing process. Now, when the homeowner remodels the back deck it can be recycled into other products.

American Clay

[IMAGE: American Clay Logo]

American Clay's Earth Plaster is an environmentally friendly plaster. Their plaster can be troweled on like traditional plasters or sprayed on with a drywall hopper. Earth Plasters are non-dusting, breathable, moisture controlling and mold resistant. American Clay uses natural clays, recycled and reclaimed aggregates and natural pigments fitting into the Concept Home's commitment to using sustainable and alternative basic materials.

American PolySteel® LLC

[IMAGE: American Polysteel Logo]

PolySteel Insulating Concrete Forms (ICFs) are manufactured in a controlled environment to ensure a reliable end-product that speeds the process of installation by avoiding the variables commonly attributed to wood-framing materials. The forms can be panelized in complete wall sections to minimize job site management, avoid the vagaries of weather conditions, and ensure high-quality finished walls. PolySteel Forms return over 150 times the BTU's of energy required to produce it when it is used as insulation. BASF's Styropor® EPS has been recognized as a "technical nutrient" within the Cradle to Cradle protocol developed by MBDC. The EPS, steel, and concrete, are completely recyclable and can be used at the same performance level in multiple lives subsequent to their initial use.

Applied Residential Engineering Services

[IMAGE: ARES - Applied Residential Engineering Services Logo]

Applied Residential Engineering Services offer technical services for residential construction. They have a comprehensive knowledge of building construction, engineering, and research to assist in engineering related issues. ARES conducts structural inspections for both home buyers and home builders and works with builders in addressing design issues in affordable housing. The Concept Home's sustainability and structural integrity have been thoroughly examined by ARES.



BASF produces a wide range of products for house construction. They strive to provide innovative products year after year. BASF's sealants will help protect the Concept Home's for the weather. The tight and dry envelop provided by BASF sealants promote a healthy living environment.

Behr Paint

[IMAGE: Behr Logo]

BEHR interior paint will be used throughout the Concept Home -- Omaha. BEHR's new paint designed for spray application will speed up construction time. Once dried, the paint develops a protective film that resists peeling, fading and mildew growth. This enables the owner to scrub the walls clean without damaging the paint or drywall.


[IMAGE: Biobased]

BioBased Insulation offers two polyurethane spray foam insulation products; BioBased 501 and BioBased 1701. BioBased 501 is a .5lb, semi-open cell spray foam and BioBased 1701 is a 1.7 lb, closed-cell spray foam product. American-made BioBased 501 and 1701 are water blown and formulated using annually renewable soybeans grown in the USA. The mission and goals of BioBased Insulation and the PATH Concept Home in Omaha go hand in hand. BioBased Insulation aims to provide products that help create comfortable, durable , environmentally friendly and energy efficient homes.


[IMAGE: BrassCraft Logo]

BrassCraft® provides plumbing products to builders and remodelers. They originated the concept of flexible plumbing supplies over 50 years ago. BrassCraft is providing a variety of innovative plumbing components for the Concept Home, including a line of recently introduced quick connect fittings which allow a snap connection for water supply connections. This innovative system provides a reliable connection while speeding up the installation process.

Building Affordable

[IMAGE: Building Affordable Book]

Building Affordable is a unique resource for applying technology and design innovation to help create affordable, efficient, and quality homes. These objectives mirror many goals of the Concept Home, and ideas from Building Affordable (a partner of Brighton Construction) helped shape the first PATH Concept Home.

Cooper Lighting

[IMAGE: Cooper Lighting logo]

Cooper Lighting offers a wide range of energy saving light fixtures. The lighting fixtures featured in the Concept Home Omaha were provided by their Metalux, Shaper and Halo product lines. Fixtures using Compact Fluorescent lamp sources (CFLs) were selected to save energy and provide a comfortable indoor environment. Cooper's lighting packaged helped the Concept Home achieve LEED certification and reduce its overall impact on the environment.

Cosella-Dörken Products, Inc.

[IMAGE: Cosella-Dorken Logo]

For over 40 years, Cosella-Dörken has been producing products under the DELTA® brand name. DELTA®-MS UNDERSLAB is a tough waterproofing, underslab vapor retarder membrane designed for slabs on or below grade in residential and commercial environments. DELTA®-MS CLEAR is a complete protection system for ICF foundation walls that keeps ground moisture away from the foundation, to reduce interior dampness and musty odors. Cosella-Dörken's foundation waterproofing membrane system is ideally suited to the PATH Concept Home by utilizing alternative materials that enhance performance and create a healthy and comfortable basement environment.

DAP Products

[IMAGE: DAP logo]

DAP offers a full line of low VOC content caulks, sealants and adhesives complying with LEED guidelines and Model Green Home Building Guidelines. By using DAP's caulks and sealants around windows, doors, bathtubs, countertops and baseboards will improve energy efficiency conserving energy resources. DAP's innovative sealants and adhesives allow the Concept Home to achieve energy savings by creating a tight building envelope.

Delta® Faucet

[IMAGE: Delta Logo]

Delta Faucet Company is providing products for the Path concept home from its Delta® and Brizo® brands that offer ease of maintenance, water-saving technology and unique functional benefits. Brizo's electronic Pascal™ Culinary Faucet with Smart Technology™ brings a whole new level convenience to the kitchen through the choice of hands-free, touch control or standard operation making it a powerful tool for users of any age or physical condition. Delta's Michael Graves Collection™ features lavatory faucets with low flow aerators to conserve water and Quick-Snap® technology for simple installation and maintenance. The Delta water-efficient showerhead featuring H2Okinetic Technology® saves almost a gallon of water per minute. Their MultiChoice™ Universal tub and shower system enables homeowners to easily upgrade the style of their shower from hundreds of trim options or change functionality from pressure balance to thermostatic - without ever having to go back into the wall.

DuPont ™ Building Innovations™

[IMAGE: Dupont logo]

At DuPont™ Building Innovations™, building science plays a large role in making homes and buildings that are safer, sounder, look newer longer and provide greater environmental sustainability. Look for DuPont™ Tyvek® AtticWrap™, Tyvek® DrainWrap™, and Corian® in the PATH Concept Home.

DuPont™ Corian®

[IMAGE: DuPont Corian Logo]

With more than 120 colors, homeowners can rely on DuPont™ Corian® to create kitchens and baths unique to their styles and desires. Corian® surfaces are stain-resistant and scratch-resistant, non-porous and do not promote the growth of mold or bacteria. As part of the PATH Concept Home, Corian® adds value and visual beauty as the home transforms with the family.

DuPont™ Tyvek® AtticWrap™

[IMAGE: DuPont Tyvek® AtticWrap]

DuPont™ Tyvek® AtticWrap™ is a breathable membrane that helps to create an airtight seal to reduce air leakage and energy loss through the roof. A unique, metalized surface reflects heat while allowing moisture vapor to pass through, to help keep attics warmer in the winter, cooler in the summer and drier all year round. As a part of the PATH Concept Home, Tyvek® AtticWrap™ provides a weather resistant attic system that helps keep the home more comfortable while also helping to save energy, reducing heating and cooling costs.

DuPont™ Tyvek® DrainWrap™

[IMAGE: DuPont Tyvek® DrainWrap]

DuPont™ Tyvek® DrainWrap™ is an innovative weather resistant barrier with specially designed vertical grooves to channel water to the outside while still allowing moisture vapor to pass through. This protects a home from excess moisture build-up in walls that can lead to damaging mold and mildew growth. Tyvek® DrainWrap™ can help a home retain a comfortable climate by protecting insulation from drafts and moisture and while reducing energy costs.


[IMAGE: Follansbee Logo]

Follansbee is the only manufacturer of a pre-painted Terne roof and is a leading supplier of metal roofs for new and retrofit commercial, institutional, residential and historic preservation projects specializing in a classic, traditional look. Follansbee employed seven years of laboratory and field testing to develop an alloy that provides corrosion resistance. Follansbee metal roofing products, Terne II®, TCS Satin®, TCS II®, an architectural stainless steel, and KlassicKolors®, terne are pre-painted with solar reflective color and coated with Follansbee's patented ZT® (zinc/tin) alloy for enhanced corrosion resistance even in costal environments. The PATH Concept Home features a Follansbee standing seam roof that provides long-term durability and energy performance.


[IMAGE: Forbo Logo]

Forbo is outfitting the Concept Home with Marmoleum, a natural floor covering product made from linseed oil, woodflour, pine rosin, jute and limestone. These materials are produced from renewable resources and ecologically responsible pigments. Marmoleum click is attached to the bottom of the flooring decreases installation time by eliminating the need to smooth the subfloor. Marmoleum is naturally hygienic, since it is both an anti-static and bacteriostatic, helping to create an overall healthy living environment.

GE Appliances

[IMAGE: GE Logo: Imagination at Work]

General Electric has been producing electronic appliances since the 1890s, and was named 2004, 2005 and 2006 ENERGY STAR® Partner of the Year for creating high-performance household appliances and lighting products that reduce energy spending and protect the environment. The Concept Home will showcase GE's energy efficient and water conserving appliances including a dishwasher, refrigerator, stove, washer and dryer.

Georgia-Pacific Building Products Division

[IMAGE: Georgia-Pacific Logo]

DensArmor Plus™ Paperless Interior Drywall from G-P Gypsum is a new generation paperless drywall designed as an alternative for paper-faced drywall for building interiors. DensArmor Plus drywall incorporates glass mats on the drywall panel surfaces instead of paper facings found on traditional drywall. This combination of paperless surfaces and a moisture resistant core provides moisture- and mold-resistance. Georgia-Pacific's Industrial Wood Products group is also developing panels for a movable partition system within the Concept Home. GP offers panels with a hardboard face and various cores (e.g. EPS, honeycomb, corrugated), along with different grains and colors faces.


[IMAGE: Hansgrohe Logo]

Hansgrohe supplied the Pontos AquaCycle 900 greywater system for the Concept Home. This system purifies shower and drinking water to produce clean water to be used for operating washing machines, flushing toilets and watering gardens. Their patented AquaCycle® cleans water using biological-mechanical treatment: resulting in germfree water without the use of chemicals. The Pontos system will reduce the Concept Home's water use.


[IMAGE: Honeywell Logo]

Honeywell's ventilation system installed in the PATH Concept Home helps to assure homeowners they have the right amount of fresh air being brought into the home. This energy efficient product also meets Omaha's fresh air code guidelines. For added security, the carbon monoxide detector will give an audible alarm in the event CO levels get to a high level.


[IMAGE: iLevel Logo]

iLevel is Weyerhaeuser's integrated residential framing business offering support for all structural farming materials. iLevel's fabrication software and equipment produce panelized framing, trusses and flooring systems. Pre-assembled walls, trusses and floors provide a tight and efficient building system while reducing job-site waste and construction time. The Concept Home is constructed faster and more efficiently using a panelized wall and floor system.

Interface FLOR

[IMAGE: Interface FLOR Logo]

FLOR is a modular tile carpet that can be installed directly over almost any smooth flooring including: hardwoods, vinyl tile, laminates, concrete, and plywood. The tiles come in 19.7" squares that are secured by adhesives. FLOR's unique carpet tiles can be used as wall-to-wall carpet or positioned as rugs. Since FLOR can be secured, removed and re-secured the Concept Home's overall flexibly is enhanced. The homeowner can even add on to the rug or change a few tiles in order to meet a room's changing décor and purpose, instead of replacing the entire rug or carpet.

Pulse Switch™

[IMAGE: Lightning Switch Logo]

Lightning Switch™ is an industry leader in providing wireless controls for lights and appliances. The Lightning Switch wireless transmitters generate their own electricity whenever the button is pushed. Radio signals can travel over 100 feet through walls, floors and ceilings turning on and off lights. The wireless switch is easily programmed to turn on just one or all lights in a house. The Lightning Receivers can wire-in to junction boxes or plug-in to outlets, while the Transmitter can be installed on any surface. Lightning Switches not only facilitate faster construction, but will also allow the PATH Concept Home owners to easily modify their floor plans since there are no wires running through the walls or ceilings.


[IMAGE: Masco Logo]

Masco Corporation is one of the world's largest manufacturers of brand-name consumer products for the home improvement and new construction markets. Masco Corporation is supporting the PATH Concept Home at the highest level with products that contribute to the home's efficiency and flexibility.

Masco Contractor Services Environments for Living®

[IMAGE: Environments for Living logo]

Masco Contractor Services (MCS) provides integrated full service solutions to builders with product purchase, delivery and installation. MCS's Environments For Living® Program helps builders design homes that are more healthy, durable, comfortable and energy-efficient. The PATH Concept Home will employ the Environments For Living® Program building science principles which provide standards for heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, ductwork and the building envelope. During final inspection, the Concept Home will undergo a series of performance tests including air and duct tightness and pressure balancing -- to verify the efficiency and comfort that the Concept Home will provide.

Industries, LLC

[IMAGE: Merillat Logo]

Merillat, a leader in kitchen cabinets, offers attractive and convenient storage solutions for every imaginable room or need, even outside the kitchen. Cabinets come in a wide range of styles with options and upgrades such as roll-out trays, self-closing hinges, drawer boxes and protective finishes allow customers layout flexibility. The PATH Concept Home will feature Merillat cabinets in both the kitchen and the second floor "flex room".

Metal Roofing Alliance


The Metal Roofing Alliance (MRA) is a not-for-profit coalition of metal roofing manufacturers, paint companies, coil coaters, associations and contractors formed to introduce homeowners to the many benefits of metal roofing. In addition to educating consumers, the MRA also focuses on educating contractors on the advantages of metal roofing for residential applications. One of MRA's key objectives is increasing the number of metal roofing installers in the United States and Canada, while also showcasing metal roofing innovations that make these systems even more attractive, durable, and easier to install.


[IMAGE: Milgard Logo]

Milgard provides a wide range of energy efficient windows and doors. SunCoat™ comes standard on all Milgard's windows providing increased insulation to reduce heating and cooling loses. They also offer windows filled with argon gas to increase energy efficiency and protect carpet and furniture from fading. The Concept Home's energy efficiency will be improved by the tight envelope and insulation provided by Milgard windows.

Millard Lumber

[IMAGE: Millard Lumber Logo]

Millard Lumber Inc. is one of the largest independently owned facilities in the Midwest and provides Turnkey Building Solutions. Turnkey Building Solutions includes all of the materials and labor required to frame and close-in a residential or commercial building project. Millard Lumber manufactures floor and wall framing panels and roof trusses in a factory setting, and delivers and installs them at the construction site. The company uses skilled framing installation teams that are fully insured and comply with all OSHA requirements. Such services help builders reduce hassles involved with finding dependable laborers, scheduling and ordering materials, managing the jobsite, and resolving warranty issues.

Omaha Public
Power District

[IMAGE: Omaha Public Power District]

The Omaha Public Power District is one of the largest publicly owned electric utilities in the United States, serving more than 310,000 customers in 13 southeast Nebraska counties. Besides providing energy to Omaha they also focus on educating consumers on energy conservation and related issues. OPPD assisted in energy ratings and monitoring to achieve LEED certification.


[IMAGE: Panasonic Logo]

The PATH Concept Home features Panasonic's WhisperGreen™ exhaust ventilation fans. The WhisperGreen™ features built-in intelligence called SmartFlow™ Optimum CFM Technology. This unique "electronic-brain" lets the fan perform at a constant CFM regardless of elbows and other factors that might hinder performance. When a WhisperGreen™ fan faces static pressure, its speed is automatically increased to ensure that the desired CFM is actually achieved. This Panasonic fan has a built-in damper to prevent backdraft, which helps to prevent outside air from coming through the fan. Also, efficient, cool running motors and fluorescent bulbs mean there is not excessive heat.

Patricia Gaylor Interior Designer

[IMAGE: Patricia Gaylor Logo]

Patricia Gaylor brings over two decades of interior design experience to the Concept Home. She focuses on creating a healthy and aesthetically appealing home built with economical materials. The Concept Home's flexibility is enhanced by her design while the overall sustainability is maintained by her commitment to pursuing green design solutions.

Progressive Foam Technologies

[IMAGE: Progressive Foam Technologies]

Progressive Foam Technologies developed contoured expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam backers for vinyl siding. Their FullBack Thermal Support System provides added insulation to the home while providing rigidity to the siding. Their insulation system assists in providing a comfortable and energy efficient living space and protects the siding from denting and bending due to weather and kids.

Radon Protection Technologies

[IMAGE: RPT - Radon Protection Technologies Logo]

Radon Protection Technologies provides builders and home-owners with information and technical assistance on radon systems. Radon is a known carcinogen that can enter a home through the foundation. The Concept Home's occupants health and safety are increased by the radon system provided by Radon Protection Technologies.

Rotella's Custom Builders Supply

[IMAGE: Rotella's Custom Builders Supply Logo]

Rotella's Custom Builders Supply is a builder supply company serving the Omaha metro, Lincoln and southwest Iowa area's. Rotella's Custom Builder Supply offers both commercial and residential products that include ICF (insulated concrete forms), windows, doors, trim, truss, floors, garage doors, entry doors, composite decking, siding and many other exterior and interior products. Rotella's Custom Builder Supply has a contactor supply showroom and provides educational and training opportunities to the building and architectural community. Rotella's supply management capabilities helped the Concept Home's construction process move seamlessly throughout all phases of construction.


[IMAGE: Seisco Logo]

The PATH Concept Home features the SEISCO water heater (RA-32), a PATH-evaluated product for residential potable water heating. This innovative system provides demand-based hot water for the home, while simultaneously saving both energy and floor space. SEISCO has demonstrated significant savings from their tankless systems over conventional water heaters in great part because, as a result of its small size, it can be located closer to major points of use so that the hot water distribution is much more effective.


[IMAGE: Shaw logo]

Shaw Carpet's Green Edge product line is attractive, environmentally friendly and facilitates remolding. Anso® nylon carpets are recycled at Shaw's Evergreen Nylon Recycling facility- the only operating plant of its kind in the world. This facility turns Type 6 nylon (N6), such as Anso nylon, back into carpet over and over again in a true cradle-to-cradle model. Anso nylon carpets are used in the stairway, hallway and bedrooms of the PATH Concept Home.


[IMAGE: Soil-Tek]

Soil-Tek is a local Omaha company specializing in erosion control and soil conservation. Terraseeding is a patented process of grass seed being applied by blowing in a one or two inch compost blanket, which is injected with seed at the time of application. Terraseeding reduces the need for irrigation when planting new grass and the compost helps the new grass develop a firm footing.

Standard Heating &
Air Conditioning

[IMAGE: Standard Heating & Air Conditioning Logo]

Standard Heating & AC assisted in providing the efficient heat pump for the Concept Home. A heat pump does the job of an air conditioner and a furnace, reducing the need to install and purchase two units.


[IMAGE: Studor Logo]

Studor was the first company to introduce Air Admittance Valves (AAV) in the United States. Studor AAVs allow air to enter the plumbing drainage waste and vent systems and equalizes the pressure when water drains out of the system, maintaining the integrity of the water trap. The MINI-VENT® provides plumbing ventilation without the need for costly roof penetration and vent piping. The easier installation process means the PATH Concept Home can be built faster without compromising quality.

The New York
Wall Company

[IMAGE: The New York Wall Company]

The New York Wall Company specializes in temporary separation walls to serve as room dividers. The New York Wall™ is a temporary wall system that is a light weight and portable partition comprised of interlocking panels that can be surfaced with a variety of finishes. It is installed using a specially designed pressure lock system that creates a firm seat against the ceiling without the use of nails. The PATH Concept Home will utilize a unique partition system under development by the New York Wall Company and Georgia-Pacific, allowing owners to easily adjust their floor plan as their needs change over time.

Toto® USA, Inc.

[IMAGE: Toto Logo]

TOTO is the world's largest plumbing products manufacturer, offering a complete line of commercial and decorative plumbing fixtures and fittings, faucets, accessories, shower and flush valves, as well as lavatories, toilets and Air Baths. The Concept Home will be outfitted with Toto tubs, toilets and lavatories. TOTO's Aquia™ toilet with the Dual-Max™ flushing system optimizes water conservation without sacrificing performance. TOTO's commitment to water preservation and the Aquia's design for accessibility compliment the Concept Home's principles.

Vanguard Piping Systems - A Viega Company

[IMAGE: Vanguard Piping Systems - A Viega Company Logo]

Vanguard's MANABLOC® is the number one selling PEX manifold in the United States. Like a breaker-box for electricity, the MANABLOC allows each water-line to be shut off individually so repair or replacement can occur without disrupting water service to the entire home. The MANABLOC system speeds installation and since the line is dedicated to a single hot or cold fixture, less water is required to purge the line. This saves time, energy and can reduce water waste up to 40 percent -- saving thousands of gallons of water per year. Fast to install, intuitive for the homeowner, and conserves water -- perfect fit for the Concept Home.


[IMAGE: Wellcraft]

Wellcraft™ window well egress systems are light-weight, east to install and extremely durable and provide safety with built-in steps. Wellcraft's egress systems also allows sunlight in, reducing the need to use artificial lights during the day and increasing the overall flexibility of the Concept Home's basement for use as a bedroom, playroom, office, workshop or whatever you might need.


[IMAGE: WireTracks Logo]

WireTracks produces a line of wiring channel products that enable consumers to add new low voltage wiring (home theater, cable television, computer networking, etc.) to their homes or businesses invisibly. WireTracks™ consists of an interlocking wiring channel and cover that replaces part of a building's wallboard and sits between the studs and the baseboard molding. The channel attaches directly to the studs and includes cable clips to hold the wiring in place. It can be removed and reattached any time new wiring is needed. The WireTracks system facilitates reconfiguring the Concept Home's floor plan and aids in upgrading, installing and repairing electronic products.


[IMAGE: WindsorOne Logo]

Windsor Mill, producer of WindsorONE boards and molding, is a leading manufacturer of interior and exterior specialty lumber products. Their molding is manufactured with lumber harvested from even-aged timber stands to provide environmentally friendly materials with consistent quality. Aggressive quality control checks relating to cutting, grading and kiln drying are conducted by WindsorONE. Using only a custom, outer course cut ensures that only the dimensionally stable part of the tree is utilized, minimizing splitting, twisting, cupping and general failure reducing construction waste.

Content updated on 7/20/2009

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