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PATH Health and Safety Publications

25 Most Often Cited OSHA Standards for Construction and Remodeling

Accessibility Laws and Regulations

Creating Defensible Space April 1996
This publication provides an expert review of the Defensible Space concept and three step-by-step case studies to help communities redesign neighborhoods for greater safety.

The Guideline on Fire Ratings of Archaic Materials and Assemblies February 2000
Compilation of fire ratings from earlier sources for a wide variety of materials and assemblies found in buildings from the nineteenth to the mid-twentieth centuries.

Helping Your Buyers Understand Mold During the Building Process

Homes for Everyone: Universal Design Principles in Practice April 1996
This report showcases 16 single-family dwellings that exemplify the principles of "universal" design, which recognizes the need for living spaces to be barrier-free and provide easy mobility and independence for people with a broad variety of physical needs.

Northridge Earthquake Effect on Manufactured Housing in California June 1994
This report describes the results of an investigation into the nature of manufactured home failures caused by the January 17, 1994 Northridge earthquake.

Preliminary Study of Pollutants in Two Unoccupied New Homes

Passive Radon-Resistant Construction Performance in Ventilated Crawl Space Homes

Residential Remodeling and Universal Design: Making Homes More Comfortable and Accessible May1996
A new resource guide from HUD's Office of Policy Development and Research, Residential Remodeling and Universal Design: Making Homes More Comfortable and Accessible, provides technical guidance on selecting and installing universal features during home remodeling or renovation. The guide emphasizes eliminating unintentional barriers and employing designs and features usable by persons with a broad range of needs.

Stripping Paint From Exterior Wood Surfaces

TechPractices: Greenlee Park, McStain Enterprises, Boulder, CO

Workers Should Take Precautions in Cold Weather

Content updated on 1/25/2007

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