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Scary Utility Bills?

Don't despair. Some utilities have programs that will actually help you lower your bills.

While utilities profit when you buy more of their product, some want you to buy less to keep supplies level or save on infrastructure costs in the long run. Many are obligated by state governments to use public benefit funds to encourage conservation.

Check with your utilities to see if they offer any programs that will help you spend less on energy and water. Here are some popular programs and incentives that your utilities may offer.

Electricity and Gas

  • Rebates on energy efficient products and appliances
  • Discounted home energy audits
  • Incentives for home weatherization
  • Demand Side Generation/Management
  • Rebates on renewable energy systems and products
  • Time of use pricing, which reduces your rate during periods when demand is low if you agree to pay a higher price during periods when demand is high


  • Rebates on products and appliances
  • Free or discounted surveys of your irrigation system to determine where inefficiencies may lay

Heating Oil

  • Locking in an early rate with your supplier may result in savings if oil prices are expected to increase during the heating season

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What's in it for you?

Check our database to see what utility incentives might be out there for you.

Content updated on 5/19/2009

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