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October 11, 2006

New PATH Guide to Help Rebuild Flood-prone Areas Coming Soon

HUD has commissioned a new publication directed to builders and remodelers working in flood-prone areas. The "Flood Rehab Guide" will contain important information on rehabbing single-family houses that have been subjected to flooding. It will help builders and remodelers:

Understand various ways a flood can damage a home;

Inspect a house for damage with a comprehensive checklist;

Visualize what should be done in assessing the flood damage through clear examples.

The "Flood Rehab Guide" will provide detailed recommendations on flood rehab, from strengthening foundations and draining cavity walls to replacing insulation, mitigating mold growth and replacing finishes. It will also include a list of building materials suitable for flood rehab work. These materials and products will be drawn from PATH's Technology Inventory and other sources. The illustrated publication will be available by mid-2007 and will be downloadable from PATHnet.

For more information:
Brian Sullivan

Content updated on 5/19/2009

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