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Tech Set #8: Green Kitchen Remodel

No wonder we call it the heart of the home. A well-designed, attractive kitchen gives a home life. All that liveliness, though, is probably the single biggest energy drain in your home.

The kitchen uses more energy than any other room in the average home. Not only must it be heated and cooled like a normal room, but it typically has more lighting than other rooms, and several large appliances. The refrigerator, dishwasher, and oven & range in the kitchen account for approximately 10% of an average home's energy use.

So when you're engaged in new construction or remodeling, the kitchen presents a big opportunity to improve the home's energy performance. And that's just the beginning. Broadening the scope of a kitchen remodel to also include ecological benefits, accessibility, and occupant health considerations will provide for a more comfortable, affordable and safe home.

[IMAGE: ] Induction Cooktop Mold-Resistant Gypsum or Cement Board Low-VOC Paints and Finishes Universal Design Kitchen Cabinets ENERGY STAR Appliances ENERGY STAR Task Lighting and Lighting Controls Wall Insulation Air Admittance Valve Stained Concrete or Indigenous Stone Countertops Eco-Friendly Flooring Kitchen Recycling Center

1. Kitchen Recycling Center
2. Eco-Friendly Flooring
3. Stained Concrete or Indigenous Stone Countertops
4. Air Admittance Valve
5. Wall Insulation
6. ENERGY STAR Windows

7. ENERGY STAR Task Lighting and Lighting Controls
8. ENERGY STAR Appliances
9. Universal Design Kitchen Cabinets
10. Low-VOC Paints and Finishes
11. Mold-Resistant Gypsum or Cement Board
12. Induction Cooktop

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Content updated on 9/14/2007

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