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Foundation Drainage

Structures and Foundations

A sturdy structure and foundation are the first components of a well built home.

Tips on Foundations

Drainage panel Foundation Drainage
Many problems can occur when a foundation is not designed to withstand the elements.

Choosing your Site
Keep your Basement Dry
Maintain, Drain, and Watch the Rain


Precast Concrete Foundation and Wall Panels
Frost-Protected Shallow Foundations
Concrete Waterproofing Systems


Design Guide for Frost-Protected Shallow Foundations
The objective of this design guide is to assist U.S. builders, designers, code officials, and others in employing the technology.

Frost-Protected Shallow Foundations in Residential Construction

FPSF = cost and material savings


Frost-Protected Shallow Foundations
Professional Builder, May 2004
Learn how this PATH Top Ten technology can save money for both builders and homeowners.

Tech Practices

SIPs Below Ground - The Builder's Perspective

Content updated on 7/14/2006

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