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Mold and Moisture


Crawlspaces: To Vent or Not To Vent?
Professional Builder, September 2005
Traditionally, the most common method of dealing with moisture in crawlspaces - and the one longest endorsed by codes - has been to ventilate them. But does ventilation really provide the drying and moisture control desired? Is there a better way? What about the energy impacts?

A Breath of Fresh Air: Keeping Indoor Air Clean and Comfortable
Her Home, Spring 2005
If you're planning to build a home, you're in the perfect position to make it a healthy one by considering several techniques for improving indoor air quality.

Mold in Residential Buildings
What builders can do to help their buyers understand mold issues, and tactics for dealing with some related potential problems during the construction process.


Getting Rid of Mold for Good
About Mold and Moisture

Healthy Homes

What factors are important when considering the health of your home? This is a good place to start.

PATH Partner Project

Want to see mold prevention in action? Check out the PATH Partner Project, the Mold Safe Model Home.

[IMAGE: Mold Behind Wallpaper] See ToolBase for many more resources on mold and moisture.


Mold-Resistant Gypsum Panel Products
Water Resistant Polyethylene Subfloor Systems


Moisture-Resistant Homes
New in 2006: An excellent guide for designing, building, and maintaining houses that manage moisture effectively.

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