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Finishing Basements

Finished Basement


Upgrading Below Grade
Her Home, October 2005
An unfinished basement really isn't a living area, is it? Mainly, it's storage, doubling as the involuntary destination for rambunctious kids on a rainy day. Which is a shame, really, because well-constructed basements have many characteristics that make them ideal for everyday uses. Basements are quiet, naturally cool and -- because they are separate from the primary living area -- inherently private.

A Breath of Fresh Air: Keeping Indoor Air Clean and Comfortable
Her Home, Spring 2005
If you're planning to build a home, you're in the perfect position to make it a healthy one by considering several techniques for improving indoor air quality.

Keep the Whole House Warm and Dry
Professional Remodeler, March 2004
Above-grade insulation techniques won't work in the basement.


Is Radon in Your Home?
Clearing the Air
Keep Your Basement Dry
Finishing Your Basement

Best Building Practices for Dry Basements

Damp basements start with damp foundations. Durability by Design can help you ensure a dry basement, even in wet

Rules of thumb for damp foundations

Quiet. Cool. Private. Take another look at all the potential down below.

Click on the illustration for the elements of good foundation preparation.

Foundation for a wet site


Water Resistant Polyethylene Subfloor Systems


Passive Radon-Resistant Construction
Results of tests of passive - vapor barrier with vent stack - radon control techniques. Conducted on homes with crawl spaces in a variety of locations in the US.

Basement Insulation Systems
Basement finishing recommendations from Building America that stress energy efficiency and comfort.

Moisture-Resistant Homes
Guide details how to design, build, and maintain houses that manage moisture effectively.

Content updated on 7/14/2006

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