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Tech Set #7: Wind-Resistant Openings

Keeping your family safe is your number one concern. This includes their safety from hurricanes and other high wind events.

Although older homes are more vulnerable to high wind-related damage, even properly designed new homes remain susceptible to severe damage if wind penetrates the building's facade through broken doors or windows. In addition to damage to the walls and contents of a home by wind-driven rain and flying debris, the roof of a home can be blown off and walls can be damaged when high winds enter and pressurize the interior.

However, openings in a building's envelope, including windows, entry and garage doors, needn't be the weak point of a building's exterior any longer, as technologies have evolved that allow reasonably priced protection of these openings.

Wind-Resistant Openings

1. Impact-resistant doors
2. Reinforced garage doors or single-car openings

3. Hurricane shutters or impact-resistant glass
4. Windows with high-performance glass

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Content updated on 9/14/2007

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