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"After we perform the tests, we compile a report that tells the owner about the house's energy efficiency, air infiltration, and other related performance issues. Based on that technical data, we diagnose the problem and make recommendations. Then we educate the homeowner about the solutions that will work best for their home, while letting them know what other areas of the house, such as moisture levels or air pressure in other rooms, will be affected by the renovations."

"We don't guess what the problems are, which makes my clients much more comfortable in making a decision. After the changes are implemented, we retest the home to show the owner that the renovations are doing what they were intended to do."


Before reestablishing his remodeling business in Illinois, Lotesto spent two years in New York serving as a consultant to the remodeling industry. Although such testing is popular there, as well as in California, it has been slow to gain recognition in the Midwest. In fact, Lotesto's is the first BPI-accredited company in Illinois.

Technology Highlights

This project included the following PATH-profiled technologies:

So far, overcoming the vast amount of incorrect information that guides the industry has been Lotesto's biggest challenge. He says Illinois has not dedicated sufficient funding for programs to educate remodelers about building performance testing, and no state or local agencies require energy rating.

"Public awareness is the greatest challenge facing us right now," Lotesto says.

Lotesto markets his services through print advertisements and has employed the help of a public relations firm to obtain media coverage. Lotesto also believes that government acknowledgement lends credence to his services.

"Gaining media coverage of our work and having the support of government programs such as PATH help a lot, adding legitimacy to what we do."

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