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Proceedings of a Workshop to Review PATH Strategy, Operating Plan, and Performance Measures

2006, 108 Pages

The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) asked the National Research Council (NRC) to review and comment on its 2005 draft PATH Program Review and Strategy,Performance Metrics, and Operating Plan. To accomplish this task, the NRC established a planning group to conduct a one-day workshop. The workshop participants included the planning group and representatives of PATH's diverse stakeholders. They discussed PATH's proposed program goals and measures and provided suggestions for improving them. These workshop proceedings provide an edited, but inclusive, transcript of that discussion.

The appendices give details on project logistics and include a reprint of the draft PATH performance metrics and operating plan provided to the workshop participants as well as additional written comments received from participants after the workshop. There was no attempt to develop consensus findings and recommendations. It is hoped nevertheless that the feedback provided by these proceedings will prove useful. The NRC and the planning group recognize the contributions of the workshop participants and appreciate this opportunity to help guide the future of a program that is vital to improving the design, construction, and performance of American homes.

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Content updated on 6/15/2006

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