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June 8, 2006

Concept Home Design Charrette Fine Tunes House for Omaha Demonstration

[IMAGE: Experts joined together to discuss the demonstration plans for the Concept Home.]Experts in residential design, building systems, and construction convened at the Concept Home Design Charrette on June 6, 2006 to progress the Concept Home from prototype to a one-of-a-kind demonstration to be built in Omaha, Nebraska later this year.

Participants included PATH staff, Brighton Construction, Building Media Inc., Encompass Architecture, Lance Brown Architecture, Newport Partners LLC, Steven Winter Associates, and Torti Gallas and Partners, who all brought their respective expertise to the charrette.

[IMAGE: All participants provide expertise to help with the construction of the Concept Home.]

As a result, the group was able to refine the prototype by adding new design features, architectural elements, and building technologies that complement the site and the local market, while showcasing its flexibility and efficient building techniques.

With this important development, the Concept Home demonstration is on track to begin construction later this year.

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Brian Sullivan

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