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Factory Built Housing Roadmap (Including Recommendations for Energy Research)

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January 2006, 86 pages

This document is the second on the topic of manufactured housing. The initial roadmap, Technology Roadmap for Manufactured Housing, provided an overarching structure for thinking about and formulating research related to factory built homes. This version expands on the original Roadmap by suggesting a broad array of research initiatives drawn from discussions with leaders in the factory building industry.

Priorities for this roadmap were established by a committee consisting of a cross-section of industry representatives and government officials. The Roadmap contains 64 concepts for research culled from an original list of over 100 recommendations. From this list, six project ideas were selected that the committee agreed through consensus had highest priority for immediate funding consideration.

Working in parallel, a separate committee also comprised of industry and public sector representatives developed factory housing research ideas related to advancing energy efficiency. Improving energy performance has a special emphasis in the current environment of rapidly rising energy prices and is a major contributor to improving home affordability. The recommendations of the energy committee are more broad brush and this part of the Roadmap includes a comprehensive discussion of energy and its role in the future of factory built housing.

Content updated on 5/18/2006

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