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Did you say tax credits?
Heeeere Buyer Buyer Buyer!

That's the sound of government, utility and other building industry players, coaxing you into doing the right thing.

Rebates. Tax credits. Exemptions. Discounts. All ways to urge you to do things like:

  • buy higher efficiency or more green appliances and building products
  • choose a more energy-efficient or disaster-resistant home
  • make your existing home more energy efficient.

Your first step: find out about all the possibilities for saving money.

Then check our database to explore what state and Federal incentives might be out there for you. You may want to read more about what the Federal government has to offer new homebuyers as well as homeowners bent on home improvement.

Look who's in the catbird seat now.

who's a good kitty?

Content updated on 2/27/2007

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