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Tech Set #6: The Sun in the 21st Century Home

Passive and Active Solar Systems

Energy costs are high, and rising. Combine solar energy with an energy-efficient home to substantially reduce utility bills.

But your home is located in the chilly north, you say? By employing simple daylighting tactics-such as orienting most windows to the south-any home can take advantage of the sun's energy. Choose among translucent panels, solar water heaters, photovoltaic safety lighting, and photovoltaic roofing panels (many with reduced visual impact) to further boost your energy savings. Click on "Implementation" for practical advice on codes, incentives, and more.

PATH06_TechSet6 Tech Set 6: Passive and Active Solar Systems hotovoltaic solar safety lighting photovoltaic roofing solar hot water heaters solar hot water heaters translucent panels daylighting practices daylighting practices

1. Daylighting practices including:
-Low-e glazing on windows
-Window orientation
-Seasonal window shading with deciduous trees
2. Translucent panels

Active Thermal Systems
3. Solar water heaters

4. Photovoltaic roofing
5. Photovoltaic solar safety lighting

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Content updated on 9/14/2007

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