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PATH Showcase Reception Photos

Reception guests were greeted with a series of signs on homebuilding and the economy.

[IMAGE: Housing signs]

They entered the room and had the choice to stay in Status Quo Court or take Innovation Street.

[IMAGE: Street Sign]

This model of PATH's Tech Set on Storm-Resistant Roofing demonstrated how simple steps can greatly improve the strength and durability of a home's roof.

[IMAGE: Guests examine the model of PATH's roofing Tech Set] [IMAGE: Close up of Roof model]

Guests learn more about PATH's Partner program and read a sample of PATH press coverage.

[IMAGE: Chuck Vance learns more about PATH partners.]

[IMAGE: Sample of PATH press clippings]

Concept Home Principle #1: Flexible Floor Plans feature designs and building systems that enable interior spaces to be reconfigured more easily.

This is compared to the way closet systems adjust to meet changing lifestyles. Early adulthood requires space for professional gear. A new family needs room for baby clothes. Empty nesters may use the space for an elevator.

[IMAGE: Concept Home flexibility is demonstrated with example of flexible closet systems.]

Concept Home Principle #2: Organized and Accessible Systems reduce interdependencies by disentangling mechanicals from each other and separating them from the structure and floor plan. This organizes the systems so they are laid out efficiently and logically, and provides easy access for repairs, upgrades and remodeling.

Guests learned how this makes a difference in a home by playing a dart game: Do you know where your pipes hide?

[IMAGE: Importance of organized systems is demonstrated with dart game]

Bill Asdal, Co-Chair of PATH's Industry Committee begins the program, welcomes guests.

[IMAGE: Bill Asdal welcomes guests]

Guests watch and listen as the two designs for the Concept Home are revealed.

[IMAGE: Crowd observes the unveiling of the Concept Home plans.]

Mike Chapman, Chair of PATH's Industry Committee introduces HUD Assistant Secretary Darlene Williams.

[IMAGE: Mike Chapman welcomes the crowd]

Assistant Secretary Williams recognizes Pulte Homes, Inc., as an Innovative Builder.

[IMAGE: Wayne Williams receives Pulte Homes' recognition]

Assistant Secretary Williams recognizes Bensonwood Homes as an Innovative Builder.

[IMAGE: Tedd Benson receives Bensonwood Homes' recognition]

Guests review PATH displays, learn about sponsor technologies and network.

[IMAGE: Reception guests network]

[IMAGE: Guests look at signs]

[IMAGE: Bill Asdal, IC Vice Chair, talks with sponsor, Vanguard]

[IMAGE: Pulse Switch demonstration]

[IMAGE: Mike Luzier, NAHB Research Center president, and Kirk Grundahl, PATH IC member, talk about PATH]

Content updated on 5/19/2009

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