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Getting Building Technology Accepted:
Take a Proactive Role, Starting at the R&D Stage

Bringing new building materials and technologies to market is a complex process. Innovative manufacturers must ensure that new products meet rigorous code and building regulations while the product is still in development. Waiting until the product is market-ready before considering regulatory issues is a common, and costly, mistake. To move your technologies into the marketplace as quickly as possible, PATH recommends taking the following steps:

  • Identify applicable existing codes and standards affecting the technology. Review them to identify problems and/or opportunities. Most building codes are mandated by the federal government; some by state-run agencies or local governments.
  • Work to develop new standards or revise existing standards and codes if necessary.
  • Conduct required conformity assessment activities and develop documentation showing that your technology complies with building regulations. This can include testing, certification, quality assurance, calculations, and simulations.
    product manufacturing
  • Develop informational materials that describe the technology and its compliance with codes and standards, then disseminate these materials to code officials, builders, designers, and others.
  • Monitor acceptance of the technology in the field.
  • Conduct field research to shape the next version of the technology.
  • If you take an active role in facilitating the acceptance of your product, you're likely to have greater success bringing it to market.

Read the complete 26-page PATH publication "Getting Building Technology Accepted."

Content updated on 6/20/2007

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