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2003 News

December 29, 2003
PATH Demonstrates "The Evolution of the American Home"
The Partnership for Advancing Technology in Housing (PATH) has coined the theme "The Evolution of the American Home" for the 2004 NextGen Demonstration Home at the International Builders' Show in Las Vegas. NextGen invites visitors to consider how advanced technologies and environmental concerns are changing homebuyers' expectations. These changing expectations pose challenges for the way builders plan, build, and sell houses. NextGen offers answers to those challenges.

November 25, 2003
Survey Finds Americans Concerned About Affordable Housing
Two out of three Americans are concerned about the cost of housing, according to the National Housing Opportunity Pulse, a survey released in September at the National Summit on Housing Opportunities convened by the National Association of Realtors in Washington, D.C.

November 12, 2003
PATH Joins Partners to Revitalize South Chicago
The Partnership for Advancing Technology in Housing is proud to join Claretian Associates in providing affordable housing to low-income families by revitalizing South Chicago. Complete with a total makeover, an open house will take place at the New Homes for South Chicago III Development on November 14. PATH helped to ensure that the new South Chicago homes would be among the most energy-and resource efficient in Illinois.

November 7, 2003
Habitat for Humanity Founder Praises Energy Efficient, Green Houses
Millard Fuller, founder of Habitat for Humanity, delighted attendees with his words of praise at the dedication of six new affordable homes that are nearing completion in Yonkers. The October 23 ceremony was hosted by Habitat for Humanity of Westchester. Fuller described the six units as yet another step towards providing quality, affordable homes to every family in America.

October 24, 2003
NextGen Home Offers Building Solutions
From the most modest homes to the most grand, the one certainty is that technology will play a key role in ensuring the quality, durability, efficiency, safety, and affordability of American homes. The NextGen Demonstration Home takes a principled approach to exploring these values as they have evolved in the homebuilding industry.

October 20, 2003
PATH Partners Break Ground Using Low Impact Development
PATH announces the recent groundbreaking for Citizens Housing Corporation's Folsom/Dore Apartments. Located in San Francisco, the 98-unit supportive housing development marks a breakthrough in providing low-income families with affordable housing using low impact development and advanced housing technologies.

September 26, 2003
California Workshops Encourage Builders to Go Beyond the Code
PATH is presenting at three educational workshop sessions sponsored by the Great Valley Center. The one-day workshops, entitled "Planning, Designing, Building, and Profiting with New Technologies," are intended for builders, developers, and planners in the San Joaquin Valley of California.

September 19, 2003
Check Your Home's Expiration Date, New Modeling Software Sets Standard for Durability, Assessment of Costs
Read the Washington Post article about the new modeling software developed by NIST.

September 10, 2003
Blazing a PATH to "New Frontiers" at BCMC 2003
For the first time, PATH will exhibit at the upcoming Building Component Manufacturers Conference (BCMC), October 8-10 in Phoenix, Arizona. Visit us at Booth 184 to learn about PATH innovations in building components.

September 8, 2003
PATH To Exhibit at Florida Affordable Housing Conference
PATH will exhibit at the Florida Housing Coalition's Annual Affordable Housing Conference. In its 16th year, the event will take place September 22-23 in Miami Beach, Florida.

August 28, 2003
NSF Announces Housing Research Agenda Workshop
The National Science Foundation (NSF) Housing Research Agenda Workshop will be held February 12-14, 2004, in Orlando, Florida. View the complete announcement.

August 12, 2003
With PATH, Habitat for Humanity-NYC Dedicates the First Single-family, Affordable ENERGY STARr Home in Brooklyn
PATH has helped make possible a prototype next-generation home in Brooklyn, New York; and, on Saturday, August 9, the community got the chance to see what makes it special. The rowhouse model illustrates how advanced technologies improve homes and reduce energy bills for homeowners.

June 4, 2003
Energy Efficient Design in Affordable Housing Showcased in Brownsville Colonia Demonstration Home
PATH and the Community Development Corporation of Brownsville team up to build homes for low-income families using advanced technologies that reduce material costs, improve energy efficiency and durability, and lessen the impact on the environment. These technologies will be on display in a demonstration home--not a futuristic model, but a sample of low-income housing being built in "colonia" settlements in Brownsville, Texas. See the feature article in The Brownsville Herald.

June 1, 2003
PATH-RAND Study in the Headlines
A study by PATH in partnership with the Rand Corporation was featured in an article in the Chicago Tribune. The newspaper highlighted the study's demonstration of how and why the U.S. government can help accelerate the introduction of new technologies into the homebuilding industry by supporting research and development. Read more about the PATH-RAND study. See the article in the Chicago Tribune online.

May 12, 2003
PATH Sponsors 2004 NextGen Demonstration Home: Home to Showcase Building Science, Energy Efficiency in Affordable Format
PATH has announced it will reprise its role as a sponsor of the NextGen Demonstration Home in Las Vegas, Nevada. Returning this time as the Home's platinum title sponsor, PATH will be a driving force in the selection of advanced building technologies for the home. PATH wants builders to understand the technologies demonstrated in the home are proven and worthy of broad adoption.

April 26, 2003
Greening Up Home Building; Maryland Conference Offers Environmental Guidance
This link will take you off the PATHnet site to the Washington Post.

April 22, 2003
Assistant Secretary Bernardi Participates in a Tour of Takoma Village Co-Housing: Celebrating "Earth Day," HUD visits TVC an energy efficient site
Assistant Secretary Bernardi today visited Takoma Village Co-housing where he participated in a discussion with the residents and a guided tour led by Sandra Leibowitz a resident who was involved in the design of this development. Special emphasis was put on the methods used to build the Coop as well as the technologies employed to conserve energy efficiency and achieve sustainability.

April 16, 2003
PATH Offers New Technologies Session, Research Findings at Affordable Comfort Conference
PATH was well represented on the program of the Affordable Comfort Conference, held in early April in Kansas City, Missouri. A panel of PATH presenters delivered an overview of new technologies and the PATH program. The panelists offered attendees a panoramic view of PATH activities as well as a look at several of the technologies recently implemented in field evaluations and demonstration sites around the country.

March 21, 2003
Builders, Architects Tour Energy-Efficient Prototype Rehab Home in Philadelphia
Despite an unrelenting March rain, more than 30 builders, architects and housing agency representatives gathered in a Philadelphia rowhouse to take in the latest technologies that are beginning to change the face of affordable housing. Entitled "Rethinking Rehab: Building Better, Building Greener" the tour was designed to show visitors an innovative approach to urban rehab during the construction of a 1,200 sf rowhouse in South Philly.

February 20, 2003
RAND Report Recommends Strategies for the Federal Government to Accelerate Innovation in Housing Industry The U.S. economy would benefit from higher levels of innovation in the housing industry. Housing innovations help reduce home energy consumption, cut costs of materials, and reduce barriers to home ownership, among other benefits, according to a RAND report issued today.

February 14, 2003
Technology, Family Contribute to Valentine's Day "Warmth" in Baltimore Habitat for Humanity Project
A close-knit family of six accepted the keys to a newly renovated rowhouse at 937 Homestead Street in Baltimore today. But at least some of the comfort felt at the dedication ceremony of this Chesapeake Habitat for Humanity project was owed to the windows.

January 27, 2003
PATH Awards Certificates of Appreciation to Key Partners at "Breakfast of Innovators"
PATH presented awards to several key partners in the NextGen Demonstration Home during a breakfast event at the Las Vegas show home last Thursday. The awards recognized the roles of pivotal players in the demonstration home, which drew 8,400 visitors between January 9 and 24.

January 22, 2003
NSF Announces Research Program, Requests Proposals
The Directorate for Engineering of the National Science Foundation (NSF) announces a research program in support of PATH as part of its ongoing partnership with HUD. Whereas previous years' announcements have been open calls for a variety of research proposals, this year's announcement will focus on groundbreaking proposals in the three areas designated to be at the forefront of housing technology through PATH's Technology Roadmapping. Read full text on NSF Web site

January 16, 2003
PATH Issues Solicitation for Research Proposals
Solicitation R-CHI-00677 was issued 1/16/03. The 5 contracts expected to be awarded as a result of this solicitation will cover the following PATH categories: PATH 9 - Creating Whole House System Solutions, PATH 11 - Durability/Moisture: Applying System Solutions, PATH 12 - Whole House Research: Disentangling Utilities, PATH 13 - Panel's Research I: Wall Panels Benchmark and Performance Requirements, PATH 14 - Tools for Streamlining the Code Enforcement Documentation and Communication Process. This solicitation is total set aside for small business concerns. All proposals are due 3/11/03. Download PDF file Connect to HUD Web site

January 7, 2003
PATH Sponsors "Breakfast of Innovators" at NextGen Demonstration Home The Partnership for Advancing Technology in Housing (PATH), a co-sponsor of the NextGen Demonstration Home in Las Vegas, Nevada, has announced a schedule of PATH events at the Home. Currently being constructed in the parking lot of the Stardust Hotel and Casino, the 3,100 square-foot residence will showcase the latest building science for energy efficiency and connectivity, and will be open to the housing industry, the press, and the public concurrently with the International Builders Show, January 20-24, 2003.

January 3, 2003
PATH Announces Call to Small Businesses for Proposals for Major Research Projects
The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) is issuing Request for Proposals Number R-CHI-00677 in support of HUD's Partnership for Advancing Technology in Housing (PATH). Read more.

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