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December 7, 2005

Five Innovative Product Manufacturers Join PATH's Concept Home Partners

Goal is to make home design, construction more efficient, predictable, affordable

Five innovative manufacturers of residential building products have joined PATH as inaugural partners in the continuing development of PATH's Concept Home.

The Concept Home demonstrates numerous advanced technologies and building practices, with the goal of making home design and construction more efficient, predictable, and affordable.

New Product Partners in the project are:

  • Microtherm, Inc., Houston, Texas, manufacturer of tankless water heaters.
  • PulseSwitch Systems, Norfolk, Virginia, manufacturer of wireless switches for lights and small appliances.
  • Studor, Clearwater, Florida, manufacturer of air admittance valves.
  • Vanguard Piping Systems, Inc., McPherson, Kansas, manufacturer of plumbing products.
  • WireTracks, Seattle, Washington, manufacturer of systems that conceal wiring in new and existing homes.

The new Product Partners join two PATH Concept Home Prototype Partners:

  • Clever Homes, San Francisco, California, designer/builder of partially fabricated homes that use technologies optimized for energy efficiency.
  • Precision Designed Homes, Venice, California, manufacturer/builder of panelized homes.

PATH Concept Home Product Partners are committed to ongoing product innovation in areas designated by the Concept Home, sharing information about their technology or systems, and collaborating with PATH in promoting technologies developed through their Concept Home participation.

Similarly, PATH Concept Home Prototype Partners agree to develop PATH Concept Home concepts and principles through research and prototype activities and work with PATH to help create an industry movement toward advanced housing technology.

As PATH's Concept Home illustrates, the home of the future will combine functions that make optimal use of labor, material, time, and money. Innovations include flexible interior walls that accommodate family changes, customizable designs that give the home the quality and curb appeal of a custom-built house without the high cost, and improved production methods that speed construction and raise durability.

For more information:
Brian Sullivan

Content updated on 6/2/2008

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