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November 21, 2005

PATH Develops Plans for "Whole House Calculator"

Second Report Outlines Improved, Multi-function roof systems

The Partnership for Advancing Technology in Housing (PATH) recently released two reports, including a plan to develop a "whole house calculator." As illustrated in "Developing a Calculator for Evaluating Physical Design Characteristics and Whole House Performance: A Preliminary Method," the tool will allow builders and consumers to assess choices for processes, materials, components and systems of constructing a home.

The calculator will do "what if" comparisons before a single building product or system is purchased, which will allow strategic planning using a "whole house systems" approach. Although this report presents the preliminary development of the calculator, it's a promising tool for prospective builders, buyers, and other stakeholders that can conceivably be made available online in the future. The calculator is adapted for residential construction from the Environmental Evaluation System developed by Battelle Laboratories for systematically evaluating the impact of alternative projects.

The second PATH report, "Advanced Residential Roof Systems," is a research agenda that outlines research developing residential roof systems that serve multiple functions and improve performance over current systems. The report covers residential single-family buildings, roofs of all ranges of pitch, and roof systems encompassing all components and subsystems from the top of the wall at the ceiling to the roof covering. Specifically, strategies attempt to improve hazard mitigation, energy performance of roofs, safety and efficiency in roof system construction, roof functionality, and improving the environmental impact of roofs.

Both reports are available as free downloads on the HUD User Website.

For more information:
Scott T. Shepherd

Content updated on 11/23/2005

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