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Manufactured Homes: Saving Money By Saving Energy

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August 2005, 45 pages

This practical guide is comprised of energy-saving tips, techniques, and recommendations for owners of manufactured (mobile) homes. It recognizes that all homes can benefit from cost-effective measures to improve energy efficiency, that technologies have advanced, and that energy costs are rising. An energy retrofit for manufactured homes can lower energy costs, protect against energy cost increases, improve comfort, increase resale value, and enhance environmental stewardship. The guide explains how the homeowner can tell if energy performance gains are possible in a particular mobile home. It offers ten categories of energy saving techniques accompanied by information on the approximate cost and skill level of each technique, the climate in which the technique is most appropriate, and an indication of which ones will lead to greater energy savings. Additionally, the guide provides lifestyle tips to save energy and lists sources of additional information. The Manufactured Housing Research Alliance, in cooperation with the Department of Housing and Urban Development and the Partnership of Advanced Technology in Housing, prepared this guide.

Content updated on 3/24/2006

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