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November 7, 2005

PATH Launches Case Study Series, Seeks Candidates

Change is an inevitable process in any industry. But it doesn't always come easily or quickly.

For decades, new materials and procedures have emerged that make houses more durable and cost-efficient for builders and consumers alike. While these innovations have often been used abroad with great success for years, they have been slow to experience widespread adoption in the U.S.

For innovation to take hold, we must first understand when it is accepted, why, and by whom. The Partnership for Advancing Technology in Housing will explore the barriers to -- and catalysts for -- innovation in a series of case studies, "PATH in the Marketplace: Best Practices." Builders and remodelers with direct experience using PATH-profiled technologies are encouraged to contact PATH about participating in a case study profile.

The PATH case studies will be first-person experiential accounts of builders and remodelers who have used PATH-profiled technologies. The case studies will detail the factors influencing the decision to use a technology, challenges and triumphs, how the builder or remodeler would approach the technology differently in the future, and how it has impacted their business and relationships with vendors and tradespeople.

PATH will select up to 30 projects to highlight in the next year. Projects of various sizes and budgets will be featured from across the country. The case studies will be posted on PATHnet and featured in PATH Quarterly. Profiled participants will also receive the final graphic design files for use in marketing.

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Kate Fried

Content updated on 12/8/2005

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