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10 Questions to Ask a Housing Inspector

  1. What is the condition of the roof and shingles?

  2. How well insulated is the home? Is the insulation installed properly?

  3. Is all of the flashing in good shape?

  4. Are all of the joists, beams and other major structural elements in good condition?

  5. Is there any serious termite damage?

  6. Is the foundation in good shape? Is it sinking?

  7. Are the pipes and plumbing systems in good condition?

  8. Is the wiring in good shape? Is the house wired to run at least 300 amps of electricity?

  9. Are the furnace and boiler efficient, clean and running properly?

  10. Are there any mold or moisture issues in the house?

Content updated on 11/18/2005

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