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There's a lot of good information out there. The curious will never be bored.

Homeownership Calculators: Ginnie Mae provides three calculators to help you determine if you should buy or rent, how much home you can afford, and how much a loan will cost.

100 Questions and Answers about Buying a Home: This HUD guide helps you go through the financial decisions that you must make.

Local Homebuying Programs: All of your local and statewide homebuying programs for lower and middle class families are listed on this HUD website.

Building Construction Glossary: A thorough database of building terminology.

National Association of Home Builders: The NAHB guides you step-by-step through the building process and explains many of the steps unique to the home building process.

Settlement Costs and Information: This HUD website provides information on what to expect when you are closing on a house.

ENERGY STAR Cost Calculators: Use these calculators to determine how much you'll save on ENERGY STAR qualified products. (Scroll down to the bottle of the page to 'Residential Products').

Content updated on 5/25/2007

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