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10 Questions to Ask a Remodeling Contractor

Ten is a handy number for a title. We were aiming for ten, but couldn't restrain ourselves. Here are sixteen.

  1. Are you licensed to work in this state?

  2. How many years of remodeling experience do you have?

  3. How many and what kind of remodeling projects do you do each year?

  4. In how many of these have you integrated the technologies I'd like you to use?

  5. May I talk to some of your previous customers about the work you did for them?

  6. May I have a written estimate, good for six months, for the project?

  7. May I see examples of your previous work, either in person or in photographs?

  8. Are you insured to cover worker's compensation, property damage, and personal liability in case of an accident?

  9. Will the contract allow me to make a down payment, a second payment when you complete the job, and a final balance of 10-15% when I'm satisfied that it's complete?

  10. What is your policy on canceling a project?

  11. Will there be a preconstruction conference?

  12. When do you expect to start work, and how long do you estimate it will take?

  13. How much of the work will be subcontracted? How regularly do these subs work with you?

  14. Will you or a foreman check on the job every day?

  15. Who will be my contact during the job, and how regularly will I have access to him?

  16. How do you ensure minimal disruption to the home during the project?

Content updated on 11/18/2005

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