PATH - A Public Private Partnership for Advancing Housing Technology

Do All Good Ideas Make it Into Our Homes?

Some of the best technologies and inventions never see it into our homes, but why?

Unfortunately, many of these ideas never come to fruition for a variety of reasons:

As a public-private partnership aimed at improving innovation rates across the board, PATH is ready to overcome these gaps. In a new project, "Tech Transfer Plus," PATH will review previous Technology Scans and other innovations created outside of traditional homebuilding circles, and then identify potential manufacturers and "matchmake." Throughout the "matchmaking" experiment, PATH will document all of the questions, pitfalls, rejections and failures in technology transfer to prepare both sides of future technology transfers. This will result in guides for the research and industrial community as prototype technical assistance aids, and will ensure a longer and more efficient "life" to the matchmaking.

The "Tech Transfer Plus" project follows PATH's committments to both researchers and product developers. It will be carried out by Newport Partners LLC and Navigant Consulting. Early versions of PATH's involvement can be found in the Technology Scans. Preliminary documents from this project will be available in the Fall of 2006.

Carlos E. Martin
202-708-0614 ext 5845

Content updated on 11/9/2005

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