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Concept Home Principles

The Concept Home uses innovative building technologies to enhance a home's flexibility and make it more efficient to build and maintain.

Six principles create the foundation for incorporating innovative systems into the Concept Home. PATH has prepared a series of reports which explore technologies and systems that support each principle.

flex floorplans icon

Principle #1: Flexible Floor Plans feature designs and building systems that enable interior spaces to be reconfigured more easily. Download: Concept Home Principles - Flexible Floor Plans (pdf, 416 KB).

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Principle #2: Organized and Accessible Systems reduce interdependencies by disentangling mechanicals from each other and separating them from the structure and floor plan. This organizes the systems so they are laid out efficiently and logically, and provides easy access for repairs, upgrades and remodeling. Download: Concept Home Principles - Organized and Accessible Systems (pdf, 663 KB).

improved production icon

Principle #3: Improved Production Processes encompasses management systems, information and communications technology, manufacturing processes,and assembly processes that improve building quality and efficiency while reducing production time. Download: Concept Home Principles - Improved Production Processes (pdf, 567 KB).

alternative materials icon

Principle #4: Alternative Basic Materials are new advanced materials or those adapted from other industries and applied to home building. Download: Concept Home Principles - Alternative Basic Materials (pdf, 346 KB).

standardized measurments icon

Principle #5: Standardization of Measurements and Component Interfaces simplifies product installation and enhances design flexibility by adopting a standardized approach throughout the design and fabrication of a house. Download: Concept Home Principles - Standardization of Measurements and Component Interfaces (pdf, 203 KB).

integrated functions icon

Principle #6: Integrated Functions combines systems to increase efficiency, reduce equipment needs and promote multi-functional designs. Download: Concept Home Principles - Integrated Functions (pdf, 224 KB).

How does it all come together? View the PATH Concept Home Design Guide [.pdf, 4 MB].

Content updated on 5/4/2007

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