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November 3, 1999

Volunteers Transform Winning Design Into Affordable, Technology-Rich Home in a Week

Bob Vila, home building champion and television personality, opened his tenth Home Again season September 6 with a look at the Yonkers affordable housing project, cosponsored last year by the APA Engineered Wood Association, Premier Building Systems, Habitat for Humanity, Residential Architect Magazine and PATH.

Thirteen Home Again episodes document a five-day "blitz build" after which a snug, comfortable and sustainable home will stand where once there were only weeds and litter. Residential Architect, Premier Building Systems and APA-Engineered Wood Association supported the "Affordable Housing Design Competition" that produced Florida architect Ed Brinkley's winning innovative housing plans used in Yonkers.

In the Vila series, Habitat for Humanity volunteers, cosponsors, neighbors and an inspired collaboration of contractors use cutting edge technology and building materials to rapidly build the house. Structural engineered panels make up the walls and roof, engineered lumber flies together for the framing and decking and other engineered products like trim, siding, flooring, fast-drying paints, ready-made drywall corners and smart wiring all save time in the construction and add to the home's durability. Super-efficient windows, insulation, and EnergyStar appliances help ensure the home's cost efficiency for decades to come.

Habitat for Humanity (Westchester Affiliate) provided the building lot, with foundation, and volunteers who assisted with construction. Habitat coordinated the "blitz build" activities and volunteers. It was responsible for all costs related to construction outside the donation of building materials and technical support offered by the participating sponsors.

APA-The Engineered Wood Association managed and coordinated design and construction of the project. It solicited in-kind contributions for the structural package including I-joists, glulam structural wood panels, OSB and siding. It also assisted in coordinating the design competition.

Premier Building Systems provided the entire structural insulated panel house package and design coordination and constructed labor for the Yonkers house construction.

PATH assembled the advanced housing technologies package and coordinated the incorporation of the individual technologies in the house during its construction. It worked on-site with EnergyStar and DOE's Building America programs. More information on the Yonkers house technologies is available from the PATH Technology Inventory. Contact phone numbers, product descriptions, and information on the benefits, limitations, costs, and availability of more than 150 innovative products and technologies for the home are available.

Click here for synopses of the Home Again episodes on the PATH Yonkers House.

Content updated on 7/20/2009

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