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Regulatory Preparation

After a building technology has been engineered, its further development is guided by the manufacturer's need to meet market requirements. Even if a manufacturer has developed a promising technology that is desperately needed in the housing industry, it must satisfy basic concerns associated with public health and safety. Building technology must satisfy the requirements of state and local building codes. These building codes tend to be prescriptive and because they can not always anticipate new technology, they likely lag behind initial deployment of new technology. As such users of new technology will have to seek regulatory approval on the basis of equivalent performance with other technology that meets the code.

Requirements and their building code administration are always at the top of any list of barriers to technology development. PATH supports the goals of the building regulatory process, but sees new regulatory assistance programs as a key to support new technology market deployment while ensuring state and local requirements can continue to address the public heath, safety, and welfare.

Content updated on 9/1/2005

Regulatory Evaluation
Regulatory Structural Change - NCSBCS
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