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Industry and Market Research

Manufacturers discuss industry needs at a symposium. Looking at all of the homebuilding industry's innovation potential, PATH has begun asking some fundamental questions about who innovates and how they do it. We actually know very little about how manufacturers have their "light bulb" moments and what they know of the industry to which they introduce their innovation. We don't know why some homebuilders readily accept new technologies while others are hesitant or even resistant, or why homeowners value some technologies over others. In fact, we're just beginning to understand how all of these groups get information about home technologies and who best provides that information. PATH has launched a series of projects to begin filling the blanks for these industry groups.

Current Projects

How Builders Choose (or Don't) to Use Panels Read the report "Integrating Panels into the Production Homebuilding Process."

How do Production Homebuilders Act?

Consumer Perceptions of Factory-Built Housing

Energy Efficient Remodeling Protocols

Content updated on 11/15/2006

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