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Key Topics

How do different technologies change the way a home performs?

Do specific technology systems change a home's affordability, durability, quality, energy use, and disaster resistance?

A home is a complex system of components. Technology innovation can improve the performance of individual components and integrated systems. PATHnet provides information both from within and outside of PATH that can help users make informed choices about specific topics and technologies. Follow the links below for PATH tools and other Web resources on these important housing topics.



Natural Disaster

Durability and Quality

Energy Efficiency

Environmental Performance

Health and Safety


Codes, Regulations

Construction Methods, Equipment, and Management

Sitework and Landscaping

Structures and Foundations

Framing, Panels, Whole House Systems


Mechanical and Electrical Systems


Doors, Windows, and Interior Work

Appliances and Decorative Work

Manufactured Homes

Content updated on 11/6/2007

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